Stockholm, a place that will not leave you indifferent

Stockholm, a place that will not leave you indifferent

“Venice of the North”, “Beauty on water”, this is how Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is being called. Stockholm lies on the shore of Baltic Sea in the eastern part of the country. In total, it occupies 14 islands connected by 57 bridges and form the Stokholm archipelago. ‘Stockholm’ means “a small island”.

Nowadays Stockholm is one of the major financial and political centers of Europe. Here the headquarters of the largest scandinavian banks and companies such as IBM, Electrolux, H&M are located. In Stockholm there is a lot of famous and unique attractions you should not miss.

The main body of Stockholm, Gamla Stan (The Old City), looks like a separate center situated on the island Staden and connected with other parts of the city with a large number of bridges. It has medieval architecture, it is full of alleyways, so narrow cobbled streets that no trucks can move between the houses.

1. Stockholm City Hall

Nearby the Gamla Stan another point must-visit attraction is located. It is the City Hall, which stands on the waterfront of the island Kungskholmen. Curious is not only a 106-meter bell tower and the Golden Hall, decorated with mosaics, but the fact that here every year since 1901 on December 10 the Noble Price is awarded to the honored Nobel laureates.

Stockholm City Hall

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