11 Super thrilling Facts we bet you didn’t know about the Oktoberfest!

11 Super thrilling Facts we bet you didn’t know about the Oktoberfest!

Oktoberfest, the world’s biggest beer fiesta is already in the air. For the fact, over 8 million people will come down to the fame tented fairground in the next 2 weeks. Oktoberfest has a rich history that goes all the way back more than 200 years and the festival is about drinking enormous 16-ounce glass steins of beer. The experienced German bartenders are world famous for their efficiency of filling a liter stein glass of beer in less than 1.5 seconds. And no wonder, the present price has a peak increase of 1000% since 1940 and yes they don’t call it liquid gold for no reason. The largest of the tents is the Hofbräu-Festhalle which has the seating capacity for 12000 people at a time. So, even if you are not able to make it to Munich, along with a splendid Marzenbier and these crazy facts, celebrate Oktoberfest!


1. Oktoberfest Isn’t in October

Thought in its initial days, this fest was celebrated in October, it didn’t quite last that way for long. As the popularity grew, this fascinating 16 days fiesta was moved up to September because of the cold weathers in Munich and Bavaria in October. So, it typically starts around third week of September and lasts through the first weeks of October.

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