5 the Most Famous World-Known Artists of Renaissance

5 the Most Famous World-Known Artists of Renaissance

Though art doesn’t tolerate any rankings, below a list of the best painters of Renaissance, accordingly to our subjective opinion, is represented. All of these artists leaved a mark in the history of art as well as their recognizable works influenced the following generations of painters and remain unforgettable masterpieces. Most of the paintings of these world-known artists are exhibited in the biggest museums and are considered priceless.

During the Renaissance era which lasted from the 14th to 17th century, a great revival of art occurred. It was the time of the transition from medieval to the renowned art of ancient Rome and Creece. Famous painters depicted mankind in all beauty.

Below is short information about painters whose contribution to the Renaissance movement can be recognized as the most notable.

1. Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)

Leonardo da Vinci

Born in Italy in the middle of 15th century, Leonardo Da Vinci was indeed a “Renaissance man”. He was a very skilled person in such fields as mathematics, architecture, anatomy, music, and art. He is also known as “universal genius” because of his curiosity in the laws of science and unusual talent of inventorying and engineering. Leonardo Da Vinci was a first who invented a bicycle and a helicopter, at least on the paper.

Nowadays Leonardo Da Vinci is more known for his art, including the most famous painting Mona Lisa. Mona Lisa, or Joconda is a portrait of a wife of a Florentine noble. The story says that she didn’t want to smile so, that Da Vinci had to hire musicians to cheer her up but it didn’ t help. Her smile known as a symbol of intriguing mysteriousness was captured by painter just in a second and was embodied in painting.

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