The Most Terrible Ecological Problems in Ukraine

The Most Terrible Ecological Problems in Ukraine

Ukraine as other present-day countries suffers a lot of consequences of environmental damage. Violation of natural processes results air, land, and water pollution. Hundreds tons of harmful substances and waste are discharged every year causing severe diseases. Because of intensive development of industry many Ukrainians live in polluted cities with plants, factories, and electric stations. Below is a list of the most important ecological problems Ukrainians are concerned about. In Ukraine the Ministry of Environment deals with problems of environmental protection and controls the sources of emission of harmful substances to protect air, water, and land from the violation. Ukraine, as the member of World Community, is co-operating with international ecological organization such as Greenpeace.

1. Radiation


Probably one of the most terrible ecological problems of Ukraine is accident radio-active explosion on the N4 reactor at the Chernobyl’s nuclear power plant occurred on April, 26, 1986. After the accident the N4 reactor was neutralized but concequences influenced all biosphere including air, land and water of Ukraine and vast areas beyond it. Radio-active contamination is very harmful to human health. According to UN reports, about 1 mln Ukrainians were exposed to unsafe levels of radiation through the consumption of food polluted with radionuclides. 1/10 of Ukraine’s territory was affected by the radioactive substances.

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