The most useful essential oils and their benefits

The most useful essential oils and their benefits

2. The types of essential oil diffusers

The types of essential oil diffusers

When thinking about essential oils and their uses and choosing an essential oil diffuser, pay attention to a few things, namely, what are your individual needs and purposes, the type of oil you want to use, how much you are willing to spend on the diffuser, what is the size of the room, etc. It is important that essential oil diffuser could be easy to use and safe as well as not too expensive.
The types of essential oil diffusers are several, namely, nebulizer, atomizer, fan, heat, evaporative, ultrasonic diffusers. The most popular and the most efficient essential oil diffuser is nebulizer. It breaks the essential oils into molecules and disperse them into the air. The vapor is highly concentrated. The disadvantages of using nebulizer diffuser are that it can be clogged with oils and need to be cleaned from time to time which is difficult and it can be noisy, so probably you will be able to use it in the bedroom.
The atomizer is as much popular as nebulizer, it is quite similar to nebulizer but it gives out a sweet aroma. The fan diffuser can be used for big rooms or in the car. It blows air cool air through pad with essential oil. The evaporative diffuser utilizes passive diffusion, the heat diffuser uses an electric heat, the ultrasonic diffuser utilizes electronic frequencies to create vibrations and release essential oil into the air.

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