The sims 4 custom content not showing up in game?

hi there

am having problems with most of my sims4 ccs and i searched for it in the internet but i didn’t find a solution yet..
so my problem is that when i download a cc and open the game.. a pop up shows up with my downloaded ccs… but i can’t find them under every category

*i did all this*

1- unzipped my packages
2- put my packages in the mods folder :User/documents/thesims4/mods
3- checked my resource.cfg file if it was correct
4- put the packages one by one
5- enabled and disabled script mods
6- created a packages folder and put the ccs in it

and i still can’t find most of my ccs.. i checked other users that downloaded the same ccs and they have no problem with them..

please help me <3

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