The Skincare Tips You Should Not Ignore This Winter

The Skincare Tips You Should Not Ignore This Winter

Dry and cold winter air can bring as rosy glow to the cheeks as well as a feeling of uncomfortable dryness to the face, hands and lips. The dryness can result in flakes and cracking, so skin care routine has to be changed for the purpose of keeping the skin in a good water-oil balance and protected from dryness and harm. Drinking a lot of water in winter in order to keep the skin hydrated is as important in winter as in summer because water helps to maintain the essential metabolic and nutrition processes in the body. To moisturize face skin from outside one has to use a moisturizer but it differs from that which has to be used in summer. Here you will find out why and read some useful tips for preparing your skin for winter season.

1. Moisturizing


Moisturizer that works well in spring and summer but as weather conditions change it may not be as efficient because in winter to stay energized and appropriately moisturized face skin has to obtain more fat. Use an oil-based moisturizer with rich formulas instead of water-based moisturizers. Oil or butter create a protective layer that protect the skin from damage and dehydration. When cleaning avoid leaving your skin squeaky-clean, as a solution to remove makeup use a cleanser based on butters and plant oils. The most common oils that are contained in winter moisturizers are primrose, almond, avocado oil and other.

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