Thyroid or Low T?

Hey guys I’m 18, and I’ve noticed that I’ve been losing sex interest, and getting constipated constantly! I’ve been exercising lately to keep my body moving and flowing, however that just makes things worse. I am always feeling tired and fuzzy brain. I have had constant troubles of bowel movements, and most of all getting horny. I told my doctor about the situation he laughed and mocked at me for a young healthy guy, I can’t have such a thing. I had hemorrhoids for constant constipation and he told me that eat fiber. I blend fruits and vegetables together and even though it tastes disgusting, I drink all of it. Still no sign of improvement. I’ve tried green tea with lemon, and still my stools are hard! I drink at least 6-9 cups of water everyday… Please, my most constant problems is loss in sex interest, no libido, always tired and weak, and constant constipation! No one listens to me just because I’m 18.

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