5 Tips for Taking a Perfect Selfie

5 Tips for Taking a Perfect Selfie

Taking a perfect selfie has surprisingly nothing in common with making ordinary photos because this is a new art of portrait photography. For those who want to master this art to enhance the level of taking photographs a few basic tips below are dedicated, so, let’s get started.

1. Choose the perfect angle

Choose the perfect angle

Selfies are taken mostly from above at 45 degrees. It is considered a classic angle that makes you look perfect, more slim and eyes bigger. For this purpose, you may use a selfie stick. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different angles focusing on the most appealing side of you. It is actually to a great extent about knowing your perfect selfie angles. Even Kim Kardashian has a preference on which side to take photographs.

If you want to know more tips for taking a perfect selfie, please read the other tips.

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