5 Tips on How to Be More Creative

5 Tips on How to Be More Creative

Many people believe that creativity flows from the heavens. If you don’t consider creativity only as a talent but also as a skill, you will probably succeed in being creative. This skill can be developed from zero to impressive results. Creative thinking means to be able to find ways of doing things, solving problems in your own, unique and maybe extraordinary way. Below are a few tips on how to be creative and free your wellspring of creative energy.

1. Try Something New

Try Something New

Creative thinking begins from doing the same things in another way. Change your habits, thoughts, approaches, for example, take a new route to work, visit places you have never been before, explore new music genres, eat new food, read new books, meet new people, etc. Also, look at the same things from a new perspective, for example, as a child, old person, President of USA, housewife, etc. Develop your associations between unrelated ideas combining them in a new way.

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