Tips on How to Choose a Delicate Nose Pin

Tips on How to Choose a Delicate Nose Pin

A nose pin is not a usual adornment using which one can create an extraordinary look. Wearing nose pin traces back to an ancient Indian culture. This type of accessory was created to be worn by lady to let other know that she is “of marriageable age”. She was provided by her family with a beautiful circle-shaped nose pin and other jewelry. She could use it in future in the case when hard time could come.

Today, the tradition of wearing nose pin has transformed into a new culture of piercing which is differ from country to country. Perhaps, the most popular type of nose pin among ladies is a nose pin with a diamond or other stone insertions. If you are interested, look through the following tips become familiar with the question how to choose a nose pin that will fit you perfectly.

1. How to Choose a Metal

How to Choose a Metal

First of all, nose pin has to be made of the highest quality gold. There are different types of gold, namely, 10k (with 41% of pure gold and 59% alloy), 14k (58% of pure gold), 18k gold (71% of pure gold). Gold can be white, yellow, red and black. Other precious metals nose pins may be of are silver platinum, palladium and other. Yellow gold is regarded as the most natural precious metal though white gold and platinum are the most popular choices when speaking about nose pins. Silver is less durable than other metals, so it is less popular.

Platinum is the most durable but it is the most expensive.

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