Tips on how to have a stress-free Christmas

Tips on how to have a stress-free Christmas

2. Prepare food in advance

Prepare food in advance

First of all, about what to make for Christmas dinner to be kept in the fridge for a week or a few days before the holiday weekend comes. For example, almost all salads and deserts can be prepared in advance, so spread the preparation over a week.
You can do the following things:

● cut up the vegetables and freeze them;
● mull the wine, cranberry sauces;
● braise the cabbage;
● make the dough for cookies and freeze.

On the Christmas eve, the turkey should be fresh, so you need to prepare it quite late, just before the eve. By the way, if you feel that you don’t have much time, ask your kids to help to prepare some food and set the table. They usually feel so excited to help their parents for the holidays, so use this advantage for yourself.

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