7 Tips on How to Keep Your House Clean

What a beautiful thing is a clean home! But keeping house clean as long as possible is a hard work. It becomes easier when one has particular habits which can save time, energy and sometimes money. Repeating them on a daily or weekly basis, makes house clean and mood better even if you have a lot of kids.

1. 10 minutes rule

Set a period during a day when you will be able to invest 10 minutes into cleaning your home. If you are married and have kids, you can involve them in this procedure arranging a little family game or party with music. It will give you additional time for cleaning. Don’t forget to reward yourself with something sweet or nice afterwards, for example, a chocolate bar, a scoop of ice cream or a movie. The best time for a 10 minutes power-clean is perhaps before bed when you can prepare for the next day, namely, lay out clothes for tomorrow, prepare breakfast, etc. but you are free to choose whatever time you like. In the morning there is another thing to do which is making bed. This habit helps us to start a new day with a lot of energy and inspires to do more.

10 minutes rule

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