5 Tips on How to Stay Healthy This Winter

5 Tips on How to Stay Healthy This Winter

When winter comes, it is extremely important to boost your immunity to stay healthy and not catch a cold or flu. One can get sick because of two reasons, external and internal. External factors increasing the risk of falling ill are caused by harmful bacteria. Internal factors depend on an immune system of the particular person, his or her habits and personal hygiene. Here are some helpful tips on how to avoid cold, flu or other illnesses and stay healthy throughout winter.

1. Wash Up Your Hands

Wash Up Your Hands

Each winter millions of people suffer from being attacked by different viruses and bacteria which usually gather on doorknobs in the toilets, handrails in the transport, keyboards in the offices, pens in the banks, post offices and other public places. So, what are the most effective ways of protection from a danger to become infected?

The first rule is to wash your hands with soap as often as possible. There is nothing more simple and effective. Do it at least 5 times a day, especially before eating and after you go to the bathroom.

Instead of performing a soap-and-water washing procedure one can buy a handy sanitizer and carry it in a bag as an excellent alternative to washing.

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