Tips on How to Stimulate Your Brain

Tips on How to Stimulate Your Brain

Work and education require a lot of brain power to use on everyday basis. Having too long working day makes us feel mentally tired or even exhausted. The brain, just like any muscle, can be trained to be more productive. Besides stimulating it, you need to avoid common bad habits such as drinking, smoking, overworking late going to bed, being angry and other. Know how to stimulate your brain using certain techniques and strategies. They are quite simple, so have a look at them to get the most of your brain and stay healthy and energized.

1. Have Good Posture Wen Seated

Have Good Posture Wen Seated

When using our brain actively, we usually are sitting. Studies showed that sitting up straight makes brain more productive. It also influences the overall mood and increases energy levels. When feeling tired, we are prone to sit in collapsed positions. Improve brain function positioning yourself in right position especially when you are working for a long time, a few hours. Also, change position to keep your physical state in a norm. Chose the position that won’t allow you feel too relaxed but just comfortable.

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