Tips on over coming restless nights?

I have been having trouble sleeping for a few months now. I can put away all electronics and be TIRED but I always end up laying in bed, in the dark, until the sun comes up before I fall asleep. That’s IF I fall asleep at all that night and not in the afternoon.

I work swing shift ( 5 pm to 1:30 am) and I am constantly moving for those hours, running, walking, kneeling, lifting 50 pounds. Since I work in a warehouse, it is really hard on my body. And even when I come home dead tired and feeling like I am going to just crash, I still end up getting little sleep.

I don’t drink caffeinated drinks because they give me headaches, and I drink just over two gallons of water a day, on average. I like to think I eat healthy, but maybe once every two or three weeks I have pizza or fast food for one meal. I am a little overweight for my height and gender, I am 5 foot 9, female, and 186 pounds, and I have been losing about a pound a day for the 8 days with no changes to my diet or exercise.

I have tried a few OTC (over the counter) sleep aids but they make me feel sluggish and don’t always work and I can pretend to be asleep for hours without actually sleeping. I just received my new health insurance cards in the mail so I will probably see a doctor soon about this, but I would like some tips until then about how I can get some much needed rest.

Thank you for your help.

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