3 Tips to Ensure a Healthier Week

3 Tips to Ensure a Healthier Week

A recent study showed that Monday though is considered to be the hardest day of the week is actually the healthiest day. The whole week consists of numerous healthy choices and all bad habits which affect our health. If one picks an average week from his life, will he be totally happy with its results? It, of course, depends on many factors. Sometimes we are really sorry about overeating, daily seating on the couch and constant watching TV. A lack of motivation can be one of the reasons but not the most important. Being “health conscious” requires a lot of effort. It is known that health depends on three main elements that is habits, sticking at which can form a healthier lifestyle. They are nutrition, physical activity and good sleep. Making little steps in these three directions you will be able to improve your overall health. To make your Monday the best day of the week read some practical healthy advises we are offering you below.

1. Make a Weekly Meal Plan and Stick to It

Make a Weekly Meal Plan and Stick to It

Beginning your week with a meal plan for each day with planned meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks will help you to be stable in having a regular meal, develop your individual schedule and find ways for its realization. It can become an exciting game so that you will even call it your hobby after the first week. Create a healthy diet including all possible healthy foods excluding forbidden. Include in your weekly meal plan breakfasts rich in protein which is in eggs, bacon, fish, milk, beans etc. Make some days of the week, in the middle or in the end of the week, the meatless ones. Also, boost your metabolism with a lot of vitamins, fresh vegetables and fruits. Reduce from your diet fried, salted, highly processed foods and drinking an alcohol which will keep your blood free from the bad cholesterol. Avoid artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners and sugar as well. Instead of harmful foods include colorful, fresh and slowly prepared foods. The main rule is simple, it consists in having a tasty but not harmful meals.

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