Tips To Survive Breaking Up with a Friend

Tips To Survive Breaking Up with a Friend

Breaking up with a friend may be a bit hard regardless of reason. Women ‘break up’ is twice as dramatic. When girls breakup friendship, it is even more complicated. Sometimes friendship may be over because friends simply don’t have things in common anymore. Sometimes people cease to communicate after a significant life event such as birth of a child, etc. Friendship may also end very abruptly, for example, via email or call of the “soul sister” or “soul brother”. No matter how young or old we are breaking up with a friend is usually a sad experience. In order to find out how to avoid long-term depression and feeling lonely on Sunday evenings because of being alone read our tips below.

1. Always Have More Than One Friend

Always Have More Than One Friend

It is very important to avoid thinking that have found the best one ever. It may sound selfish but never put all your eggs in one basket. Have at least two or three friends you can always turn to. People rarely stay friends after breakup. So, you might want to find a new best friend some day. Make a pro and con list about your friendship that had been broken. Surprisingly, it could not be a friendship at all.

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