Top 5 Amazing Facts about Spanish

Top 5 Amazing Facts about Spanish

Spanish (español) is the 2d most widely used language in the world, after Mandarin, and the 3d on the Internet, after English and Mandarin. As you see, Spanish is very popular but the question is why? Below are some interesting facts about the Spanish language, its origin, vocabulary, grammar and more which can clarify the reasons for its popularity.

1. Usage of Spanish Language

Usage of Spanish Language

Spanish is the official language of Spain, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Cuba, Mexico, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Ecuador, Equatorial Guinea, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Uruguay, Panama, Venezuela, and Paraguay which number is about 20 countries worldwide. Also, Spanish is used as a second language in such countries as the United States, Canada, the Philippines, and Morocco. It is one of official languages of the European Union and the United Nations. Spanish is spoken by more than 300 million native speakers and by more than 500 million in total including those who speaks Spanish as a second language. It makes it the second most widely spoken language in terms of native speakers. It is interesting that the largest population of Spanish speakers whose number is 114 million lives in Mexico and not in Spain.

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