Top 4 Apps for Learning Languages

Top 4 Apps for Learning Languages

There is a variety of apps for learning languages on the AppStore and iStore and on the web in general. Once you decided which foreign language you are aimed to learn, you can explore which app to download to increase the fruits of your language practice. It is known that mastering a new tongue implies acquiring 4 basic skills, namely, listening, speaking, reading and writing. So, when choosing the app, check if your favorite app provide you with a possibility of conversation practice, learning grammar, building vocabulary and improving all these skills in some convenient way.

1. Duolingo


There are many reasons why Duolingo is considered one of the best learning apps. It is free, professionally designed, and easily accessible. It makes you feel like you are not learning language but playing a game. Using Duolingo app you learn your chosen languages by different topics, such as business or travel, but also answers on grammar questions are easily found. This app is designed so that it provides users with a wide range of activities such as learning new words by reading a text and interpreting an audio and speaking them aloud. Though it is not a great choice if you need to develop your conversational skills. Also, it is available only in online mode.
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