Top Date Topics to Avoid on a First Date

Top Date Topics to Avoid on a First Date

Being single has a lot of advantages but dating a nice person, especially, for the first time, may be an enjoyable experience as well. The way how first date will end depends equally on man and woman but also on their dialogue. If you don’t want to scare away your love interest, you should better avoid some date topics to make your future second date real.

1. “I love You”

I love You

First date rules require not to say these words on a first date for a few reasons. First, it may be too soon to swear love to almost a stranger. If you do like a person, you still know her or him superficially. Secondly, you may confuse love with some other, not so strong feeling such as sympathy, respect, etc. Ask yourself what do you really feel and express it, for example, in the form of compliment such as “You look great”, “I like your smile”, “You have a fantastic sense of humor”, etc.

If you want to know more date topics to avoid on a first date, please read the other tips.

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