Top 5 Facts about German Language

Top 5 Facts about German Language

Located in the heart of the Europe Germany has an old and rich history and culture. Also, it is known thanks to its fascinating language, a little bit difficult at first glance it has to be not so hard to learn for Englishmen since both languages belong to the same language group how strange it would seemed. To get acquinted with German just look through a list of facts below about this interesting language.

1. The Most Spoken Language in Europe

The Most Spoken Language in Europe

German (Deutsch) is an official language in 4 countries, namely, in Germany (1st language for 95 % of the population), in Austria (89 % of German speakers), in Switzerland (with Italian and French) and in Liechtenstein. It is also spoken in Belgium, Italy, Check, Hungary, US, Brazil, Canada and in other. Altogether, German is a mother tongue for more than 100 million native speakers and second language for another 100 million speakers throughout the world. Globally, German takes 10th place in the world in terms of popularity and is the most common language in Europe beating out English, French and other languages.

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