Top 3 Foods that Make You Break Out

Top 3 Foods that Make You Break Out

It is known that how we look directly depends on what we eat. The food itself can push blood sugar up high causing a burst of the hormone insulin that in turn leads to break outs of acne. Some sweetened foods and drinks as cookies and soda are known to affect people’s blood sugar very effectively. They, of course, should be excluded from a healthy diet. But here are going to speak a little about foods that we don’t expect to be harmful, namely, chocolate, white bread and milk for the reason that they can cause break outs of acne.

1. Chocolate


When it comes to more subtle diet, chocolate is a food product that those who is trying to fight acne should avoid. Generally, chocolate is told to be very useful and here is why. Firstly, it contains cacao which increases blood pressure. Though excessive chocolate consumption can lead to break outs of acne if it contains too high percentage of sugar. To keep your skin smooth switch to dark chocolate that contains less artificial sweeteners and additives. Teenagers that struggle with acne are especially recommended eating foods that prevent acne such as fish, flax seed, green tea, oysters, etc.

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