Top 4 Most Addictive Games For Your Android Smartphone

Top 4 Most Addictive Games For Your Android Smartphone

Do you find yourself bored, with nothing nearby to entertain you, well, this is not all that common with the abundance of digital entertainment? However, often your games get boring or lack that incentive to want to keep playing them a bit more.

We can’t guarantee that these games will revolutionize your boredom for years to come. However, we have tested them (much to our satisfaction) and found that they are really fun to play, and many of them are addictive enough to make you want to keep playing.

1. Hearth Stone – Blizzard Entertainment

Ever heard of the age-old game, Warcraft. I bet you have, it is simply one of the best strategic games out there. However, unfortunately, one cannot get it for their phones. Although, hearthstone may make a great replacement for this game.

The game itself is a card game (don’t worry that Pokemon cliché), There are challenging dungeons, and the ability to challenge others for rewards, cards, and more. Although it may sound simple, it can become difficult. More than anything, it is addictive (stopping now to have a match).

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