Top 5 Must-See Attractions in Berlin

Top 5 Must-See Attractions in Berlin

Berlin, the capital of Germany, is a very significant and attractive point on the map of Europe. It has a lot of things to offer its visitors since it encompasses a lot of museums, galleries, monuments and other buildings of national and cultural importance. Founded in 13th century Berlin has a long, rich and sometimes difficult history. It saw the arising of the German Empire in 15th century, a march of Bonaparte’s troops in 19th century, WWI and WWII, Holocaust and many more. Today Berlin is a prosperous modern city with a great number of events conducted annually such as Berlinale (the largest international spectator film festival) and more often such as world’s famous Berlin opera performances. We’ve picked the top five places for tourists to see in Berlin and here they are.

1. Reichstag


Reichstag, the German Parliament, was built shortly after Berlin became capital of the newly founded German Empire, in 1894. It was founded 10 years earlier as a Neo-Renaissance palace. Its building was rebuilt twice, in 1933 after its destruction by fire and in the 1990s being completely renovated. Building’s highlight is a glass dome with a spiral platform and a terrace where one can have dinner at the Rooftop Restaurant. Toutists are allowed to climb to the top of the Reichstag to get a panoramic 365-degree view of Berlin.

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