4 Top Online Platforms For E-education

4 Top Online Platforms For E-education

If you want to increase your knowledge on some subject, you can always use online courses. Online platforms offer so many choices to engage their visitors into e-education, so here we are going to share with a short list of the most popular websites for e-education suitable bot for children and adults. So, let’s get started.

1. Coursera


Though online platforms on the internet are endless, the most popular websites are a few, and they are completely free. Coursera has a wide variety of subjects available to choose from; here you will find everything from mathematics to art. Coursera cooperates with the most famous world’s top universities providing online courses on probably all school, college and subjects. Passing a course leads to an official certification that is approved by associated university.

As Coursera claims itself as accessible to everyone, it is a massive open online course platform on which most of the courses are either free or quite cheap to take. Coursera is a very useful website for e-education as for pupils and students as well as for adults since there is an extremely wide range of topics that go beyond the school program.

If you want to know more top websites for e-education, please read the other tips.

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