Top 5 places of interest in London

Top 5 places of interest in London

London is a capital of the Great Britain and one of the most populous and the most interesting cities in the world. It lies on the river Thames and stretches for about 30 miles from east to west. London has an ancient history, it was founded by the Romans more than 2 thousand years ago and nowadays is considered to be a metropolis. Also, London from old periods was an official residence of kings and queens. Nowadays British Royal Family lives here in the Buckingham Palace.

London is one of the leading global cities, it is an art, business, educational, scientific, fashion, media, transport, tourist, and entertaining center of Great Britain. London is one of the most popular cultural capitals being especially rich in historic palaces and churches. It was recognized as the world’s most-visited city by international arrivals. It attracts more and more tourists every year who come to see such famous sights here as the Houses of Parliament, the Buckingham Palace, the Westminster Abbey, the Tower Bridge, Big Ben and others.

1. The Houses of Parliament

The Houses of Parliament

The Houses of Parliament is the place of seating of the British government built in the 19th century. It is one of the most beautiful buildings in London. It combines history with modern art and architecture. The Houses of Parliament is divided into two parts, namely, the House of Lords and the House of Commons. In the building there are many rooms worth to see. They are, for example, Westminster Hall, Central Lobby, Lords Chamber, the Commons Chamber Queen’s Robing Room, and Royal Gallery.

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