Top 5 places to see in Rome

Top 5 places to see in Rome

Rome is known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world rich in numerous churches, basilicas, palaces, galleries, museums, squares, parks and other places of interest. Most of buildings you will be offered to see are performed in ancient Roman, Renaissance or baroque style. Since Rome is full of tourist attractions, it would be wise choose at least 5 from their big number to remember the main things about the ‘Eternal City’. So, below there is a list of 5 most visited places in Rome, according study conducted by the Italian Tourism Bureau, which accept from 2 to 4 million tourists a year. They are The Vatican, The Colosseum, The Pantheon, Sistine Chapel and Trevi Fountain.

1. The Vatican

The Vatican

City in city, Vatican is considered a heart of Rome. Consisting of the St. Peter’s Square designed by Lorenzo Bernini, Italian sculptor and architect, and St Peter’s Basilica dome of which was designed by Michelangelo, it is known as a centre of the Roman Catholic Christian world. There, near the St. Peter’s square Christian Church was established when first Christians were killed by Roman emperor Nero. In honor of this event, in 16th century, the Basilica of St. Peter who was crucified and whose tomb lies beneath the building was set. St. Peter’s Square was designed as a huge sundial with an obelisk in the centre.

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