Top Places To Spend Christmas Exploring This Year

Top Places To Spend Christmas Exploring This Year

Christmas is and has always been one of the most anticipated holidays for all ages. Children eagerly await that mysterious Santa Claus to show up with a fat bag of presents, while parents look forward to relaxing with the family, and taking a break from life.

However, often deciding what to do for Christmas, can be quite overwhelming, with so many choices, should you stay at home? Should you go to a family lodge? If you are going to explore, would you like a white Christmas, or would you prefer somewhere warm and sunny? Although we cannot answer all these questions, we are able to provide a few destinations that are highly recommended for a great Christmas experience.

1. Scotland – Myres Castle

Scotland – Myres Castle

After a long year, as we all know 2016 was, would a holiday, where you are treated as royalty not be a welcome change? If you are looking for a traditional, yet unique Christmas experience, why not live like royalty at Myres Castle.

Not only are you treated like royalty, but also as with almost everywhere over Scotland, the landscapes that the Castle has located on offer a wide expanse of unique beauty that will blow your mind. There are various activities that you can take part within, or around the castle resort.
What Scotland has to offer for your Christmas experience.

Although pots of gold at the end of a rainbow, may just be myths, the general beauty of Scotland, and friendliness of the people that live there is most certainly not. Why not take the family out for a day exploring amazing landscapes, or perhaps go for a wine tasting at the numerous estates based throughout the country?

For those that are avid lovers of gold, just around Myres Castle, there are over one-hundred golf courses for you to indulge a day of gaming. Some of these courses are rated the best throughout the entire world.

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