Top 5 places to visit in Oslo

Top 5 places to visit in Oslo

Having a privilege to be situated in the extreme north-west of the Europe The Kingdom of Norway is a country of fjords that attracts thousands of tourists thanks to its beautiful nature. Norway is a rich country with an interesting history and culture where immigrants can easily find a job and students get an education.

The capital of Norway, Oslo, is truly unique. City of Oslo is located in the fjord Estlanna on the banks of three bays – Verkvika, Pipervika and Frogner. It is surrounded by mountains and forests with industrial settlements.

The capital of the Norwegian Kingdom has population of about 600 thousand people, though just two centuries ago the city’s population was less than ten thousands. During 19th century the population of Kristiania (the former name of Oslo) has increased more than 20 times.

Oslo is the main industrial center of Norway. Founded 1000 years ago it is dominated by the youngest industries: machine building and metalworking which provide about 1/3 of the Norwegian production of machinery and equipment. Oslo is not only a capital but also the cultural center of the whole Norway. For a beginning, explore some the most famous attractions available here.

1. Holmenkollen Ski Jump

Given the fact that Norway occupies the northern part of Scandinavia not far from the North pole, it is considered as a country with arctic climate. Here twice in the history, in 1952 and 1994, the Winter Olympic Games were held. For this reason, Oslo municipality announced an open international competition for designers in order to build a new ski jump. They created a platform of stainless steel in the shape of a road which height rises up to 58 meters hanging in the air.

At top of the Holmenkollen ski jump visitors are allowed to get photos of the most breathtaking views of Oslo, the fjord and the region beyond. Holmenkollen ski jump was recognized as one of the ten top destinations to visit in 2011.

Holmenkollen Ski Jump

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