Top 5 places to visit in Tokyo

Top 5 places to visit in Tokyo

Located in the South-Eastern Honshu, the largest of Japan’s main islands, Tokyo Metropolis (the official name) is one of the 47 prefectures of Japan. It is the most populous city in the world – about 37 mln people live in Tokyo. It is rather young city. The capital of Japan moved from Kyoto to Tokyo quite recently, in 1868 becoming a seat of Japanese Emperor, Parliament and Government.

Thanks to the 1923 earthquake and the devastation of WWII Tokyo has undergone modernization so that today it represents the peak of civilization being considered as the world’s most modern and expensive city. It combines ancient and modern culture with old temples, palaces on the one hand and electric jungle, fashion shows on the other. Tokyo is famous due to its numerous theaters, festivals, concerts and other venues as well as Japanese cuisine restaurants. Any of Tokyo’s attractions can be reached by subway.

Below is the list of the most favorite places in Tokyo.

1. Imperial Palace

Imperial Palace

The Tokyo Imperial Palace is the residence of the Japanese Emperor. Founded in 15th century, first it was a fortress with walls and moats which was spread by beautiful 17th-century gardens and become a starting point for building a city around its walls. Today Imperial Palace is the private residences of the members of Imperial Family, and no one has an access to it except two times a year when palace is open to the public, namely, on January 2 and on December 22 which is the Emperor’s birthday.

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