Top 5 Rehab Treats for Damaged Hair

Top 5 Rehab Treats for Damaged Hair

After blow-drying, flat-ironing, highlighting, lowlighting, excessive combing healthy hair may become and look damaged, overworked and lackluster.

Toxic chemicals, air, water pollution, bad habits such as smoking, drug addiction, poor nutrition which implies fad diets and low water consumption, washing the hair in chlorinated water, prolonged sun exposure can also cause damage to the hair. Here there are some tips for fixing damaged hair with some useful techniques and remedies.

1. Proper Washing

Proper Washing

One of the most important steps concerning hair is washing. Washing hair too frequently, for example, every day can cause chronic dryness. Most hairdressers say that hair has to be washed no more and no less frequently as it gets dirty and oil. Also, regular schedule and duration of showering is another crucial factor when speaking about hair. Washing once or twice a week is enough for any type of hair. One clinical advice says not to stay in the shower too long since it makes hair shine less. In the case, if you often use sprays and gels, wash your hair using a clarifying shampoo which will fresh your strands more effectively and clean it from chemicals. To restore the water balance and maintain moisture content in your hair use a mild but hydrating shampoo.

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