Top Search Tips for College Students

Top Search Tips for College Students

2. Advanced search

Advanced search

Start your search with a general search and continue with a complicated search. Acting this way you will step by step get acquainted with your topic. For example, start with a simple search just on the term idiom. Think of different ways to describe your topic. Create a list of terms at first. When you got it, choose an advanced search mode that is included almost in all databases.

Using the advanced search mode you will be able to specify the field of your research and conduct database search by such indicators as author name, article title, publication title, subject, etc. When searching by not only by terms but by phrases, you will need to use Boolean operators, namely, AND, OR, NOT.

The operator AND helps to find articles that include two typed terms in the articles, for example, weather idiom. If you use the operator OR between these terms, you will retrieve articles that mention either first or other term but in this case it will not bring any benefits. The operator OR works best for synonyms, for example, idiom OR phraseological unit. You need to use the operator NOT for excluding unwanted terms.

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