Top 5 the Best Romantic Movies of All Time

Top 5 the Best Romantic Movies of All Time

Best romantic movies of all times sounds great, doesn’t it? Romantic movies about real love are something very special. These movies are not only a part of cinema industry manufactured like bars of chocolate though even in that area one has to be in a good mood and a little inspired to make tasty chocolate. Romantic movies are stories about love and passion, deep feelings and sympathy, faithfulness and jealousy, etc.

Though there are no scientific measurements or criteria for what romantic movies should be regarded as the best, there are many notable films which are highly estimated by viewers of different categories, namely, men and women, soap opera and action film fans, etc. All films listed here no matter which genre they belong to are widely known to the audience and take top places in most of the surveys concerned according to various criteria such as romance films about unrequited, unequal love, love on the background of war, disaster and other.
On the eve of the st. Valentine’s Day and for any day watching we offer you a list of the top romantic movies of all time.

1. Gone With the Wind (1939)

Gone With the Wind (1939)

This almost four hours historical romance film is possibly the most iconic film ever. Adapted from Margaret Mitchell’s eponymous novel it narrates the life of strong-willed girl Scarlett O’Hara born in the South of America in the era of slavery, Civil war and reconstruction. About 1400 women were interviewed for the part of Scarlet but only Viven Leigh win the competition being recognized the Best Actress by Academy Awards.

Scarlet is itself very passionate character which can be concluded due to her romantic pursuit of Ashley Wilkes, many boyfriends, fighting for better life during the war and after it and her marriage to Rhett Butler (portrayed by Clark Gable), a blockade runner during the American Civil War and a very passionate character as well. Scarlet’s relationships with Rhett are sometimes diffucult but it is so because they are both strong and hot South America representatives.

Gone With The Wind is regarded as one of the greatest movies of all time and is included in top 10 the best American films.

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