Top 5 the Healthiest Breakfast Foods for You

Top 5 the Healthiest Breakfast Foods for You

How often do we skip breakfast for different reasons such as lack of time, foodstuff, laziness and other? But having meal in the morning is much more healthy and enjoyable than in the evening since then our organisms are preparing to go sleep and slowing down all the processes including digestive. Also, having breakfast can prevent overeating during the day since your body requires a lot of energy which is obtained with food. So, if you don’t get it in the morning in normal doses, you will have a bigger appetite later.

The next thing concerns a quality of the breakfast. How often does it consist of a hamburger and a coffee bought in the store at the gas station? If very often, why don’t you change and expand your morning menu with some healthier and more tasty meals. Here we offer a list of top the healthiest breakfast foods which are able to improve one’s health since these recipes imply using only high quality products and some time set aside to be qualitatively prepared.

1. Oatmeal


Oats belong to the grains that are digested more slowly causing creating a smaller amount of fat than, for example, refined wheat, so cereal is much healthier than toasts. It is interesting that oats include fiber that even helps lower cholesterol since they contain beta-glucan. Oats are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, potassium, and folate. To prepare oatmeal one will need at most 15 min. It is more nutrious when sweetened with milk, honey, dried or fresh fruits and nuts.

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