Top 5 the Healthiest Cooking Methods

Top 5 the Healthiest Cooking Methods

It is interesting that some ways of preparing food can be more healthy than other. Traditional boiling is the easiest way which requires only water and salt. But water actually can break down foods’ vitamins, nutrients and minerals such as vitamin C, potassium and folate.

Frying is a little dangerous cooking method since fried food is prepared with fats, so it can be rich in bad cholesterol which attacks heart and vessels. There some better ways that allow preparing juicy and flavorful food without boiling and frying. They are numerous and below is a short guide to a few of them.

1. Steaming


This method is more useful than boiling since steam doesn’t wash out food’s nutrients. This method is especially efficient and convenient for cooking any type of vegetables. To steam food one can use a metal steaming basket, a metal colander put in a pot and topped with a lid or an electric steamer. When cooking with a steam you don’t need to add any oil or other fat, instead of it add some seasoning before the steaming wrapping the ingredients in the parchment wrapper or foil. The best candidates for steaming are vegetables (asparagus, green beans, zucchini) which need to be cooked during nearly 5-10 min, fish fillets (5-15 min), chicken breast (20 min) and other.

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