Top the most forbidden places in the world

Top the most forbidden places in the world

If Christopher Columbus knew how diversified the present-day world has become, he would like to change the epoch he lived in if it could be possible, of course, and made a trip around the world again. If you are sure that world is your oyster, look at the list below to know what are the most carefully hidden places on Earth. The secret headquarters, underground superfast trains, experimental laboratories and many more. Some of them are forbidden because of the danger, some are allowed to be visited just by special guests and some are really kept in secret due to their importance.

1. The Vatican Secret Archive

The Vatican Secret Archive

Hidden deep inside the Vatican City, under the ground, the Vatican Secret Archive is known to be one the of the most secret places in the world that keep history of the acts, historic documents, state papers, and other official documents signed in the course of the history beginning from 8 century. The access may get only limited number of people that are obliges to pass through a rigorous access application process. They are usually scholars and scientists from the highest education institutions. Here, you could be able to find letters from Michelangelo, Mary Queen of Scots, King Henry VIII’s request for a marriage annulment and other. The archive stores about 35 thous. items located on more than 50 miles of shelves. All books belong to the Pope and if you need to read some book, you can actually get it in a digital version via email.

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