Top 5 the Most Iconic Women Beauty Looks in Hollywood

Top 5 the Most Iconic Women Beauty Looks in Hollywood

Highlighted eyes, red coral lips, glittery (shining) face skin, who knows what makes present day celebrities’ looks so iconic? Probably, their best looks are result of numerous experiments and observations. These looks can also be closely related to the roles they play in Hollywood and depend on the image they created during their career. So, here some widely known Hollywood actresses makeup and hair beauty looks and their short descriptions are listed but not rated.

1. Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman

Wnen Natalie Portman appears on the red carpet at the Annual Hollywood Film Awards in brightly red outfit finished with red lips, everybody sees that. This is not because of red carpet but because of star’s look. Natalie Portman herself says that she likes being natural because putting makeup on takes a lot of time and she is not an expert. Though she likes to wear makeup for special occasions since it is something more glamorous and sophisticated. Thanks to her nude lips Natalie Portman was recognized to be one of the hottest Hollywood actresses. Though, Natalie’s the brightest and killer look was created by Christian Dior which dreamed of “dressing women’s smiles”. It features ultra-contemporary red shade lips that radiate femininity and energy and create elegant impression.

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