Top 5 the most popular attractions to see in Helsinki

Top 5 the most popular attractions to see in Helsinki

Helsinki is an administrative, economic, political, cultural center and, of course, the capital of Finland. The city is situated on the shores of the Baltic Sea and lies on 3 hundred of islands linked by numerous bridges. The town was founded in 16th century and its original name was “Helsingfors”.

Helsinki is considered to be the youngest capital of Europe, though it became one of the most developed cities in the world. In 2000 this city celebrated its 450th anniversary and was awarded with the status of the “cultural capital of Europe”.

Helsinki is very rich in ancient and modern monuments of art, full of different museums and exhibitions. One can spend time with pleasure just visiting the Kiasma gallery or the National Museum of Finland, go to the Suomenlinna Fortress located on one of the city islands or enjoy the beauty of The Sibelius Monument. Whatever one chooses, it will always be interesting and exciting. So, let’s see more on the list of the most famous attractions of Helsinki.

1. National Museum of Finland

An outstanding cultural monument of Helsinki which can not leave tourists indifferent is the National Museum of Finland. It is the giant building, located in the heart of the capital of Finland. The museum staff had been preparing the exhibition for six years to trace the history of the country since ancient times.

To date the current exhibition is divided into five sections, each with its own specialization. Part of the exhibition entitled “Treasury” is a huge collection of different medals, weapons and coins.

National Museum of Finland

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