Top 5 the Most Popular Places of Interest in Moscow

Top 5 the Most Popular Places of Interest in Moscow

Moscow, the capital of Russian Federation, is known to be one of the most visited capitals in the world. It has population of more than 12 mln people being a major administrative, political, economic, and scientific center of Russia. It is a famous cultural capital as well. Tourists are offered to see numerous attractions such as museums, gardens, cathedrals, parks, squares and more. Situated on the river Moscow it has 5 airports, 9 railway stations, 3 river ports. Here one can visit such the most famous places of interest as the Kremlin and the Red square, St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Bolshoi theater, the Tretyakov gallery, Moscow Metro and other.

1. The Kremlin and the Red Square

The Kremlin and the Red Square

Kremlin, the residence of the President of Russia, is perhaps the most popular place visited by tourists. It was built in the 14th century being the most ancient part of the city. On its area which is about 1 square kilometer there are many museums inside the Kremlin such as the Armory Chamber, Cathedral of the Assumption, Cathedral of the Annunciation, Sobornaya square, Ivan the Great Bell Ensemble and other.

Kremlin is surrounded by the territory of the Red Square whose name originates from the Russian word “krasnyj” which means both “red” and “beautiful” but not only “red” from the color of bricks or in the honor of communism as many may think.

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