Top 5 the Most Visited Art Museums in the World

Top 5 the Most Visited Art Museums in the World

According to Wikipedia, five the most visited in the list of world-known art museums for 2014 year are Palace Museum (Beijing, China), Louvre (Paris, France), British museum (London, United Kingdom), Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York City, USA) and National Gallery (London, United Kingdom). The number of visitors of the Palace Museum was approximately 14 mln, London National Gallery was visited more than 6 mln times. Below you can read some details about these museums and their exhibitions to have background information in the case you would like to become one of the visitors of listed top art museums or just enrich yourself with new knowledge about them.

1. The Palace Museum, Beijing

The Palace Museum, Beijing

According to data released by The Art Newspaper and China’s tourism office the first place in the list of most visited art museums took National Palace Museum gaining the general recognition. Located in the heart of Beijing, Chinese capital, it is considered the most important national museum. Known under the name Forbidden City it was the Chinese imperial palace as well as the political and ceremonial center for almost 500 years. In 1925, it was established as the National Palace Museum.

The National Palace Museum displays the world’s largest collection of Chinese art. It encompasses over 10000 years of Chinese history and presents a collection of nearly 700 thousand of ancient Chinese artifacts.

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