Top 5 the weirdest British traditions

Top 5 the weirdest British traditions

British are known to be very interesting people since they have some entrenched habits and customs which are famous all around the world. For example, there is probably no other nation who love tea as much as British. Also, the weather is regarded as a main and the most safe topic for a talk given the fact that it is very often raining cats and dogs in Great Britain, especially, in its western part influenced by a warm Gulf Stream. For this reason constant fogs is another feature of UK.

1. No changes

No changes

Englishmen are the who don’t like to have change anything in their lives. It concerns everyday little things as well. For example, English houses are built with old fashioned fireplaces, with no though bedrooms still are very cold, and the reason for the fact that they don’t have even central heating is that English people don’t want to experience any changes. Perhaps, therefore the ceremonial guardians of the Tower of London, known as the Yeomen-Warders, wear 12th century British traditional clothes. They are very expensive and look quite funny but Englishmen like them and don’t want to change because it is a tradition.

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