Top 5 Tips for Students on Improving CV

Top 5 Tips for Students on Improving CV

Applying for a job for the first time might be a quite difficult task maybe because it includes writing CV (Curriculum Vitae) or résumé. CV is a document that presents key points about your personal information, education, qualifications, skills and work experience. There many details graduates should consider when they are going to create résumé.

If you have no work experience which is natural when you are a student or graduate then you should write so-called qualifications-based CV unlike skills-based or portfolio-based templates for workers who are going to change career and freelancers. It is used by people who are looking for a place of employment for the first time. Here you will be able to find 5 useful tips on how improve your CV and job prospects in the stage when you are just starting your career.

1. Stick to the principles of writing a résumé

Stick to the principles of writing a résumé

Your CV should be at most two pages long. Begin with some personal information which should include your full name, address and contact details such as telephone and email. Include a career objective, your goals, hopes and aspirations tailoring your CV to a specific job position. To make a positive first impression on your potential employer avoid jargon, spelling and grammar mistakes, heavy graphics, tables, images. Use traditional fonts such as Times New Roman or Ariel. Your CV should not include such data as your age, nationality and photo due to discrimination laws. From time to time proofread your résumé. Don’t be afraid to ask a tutor or friend to check it to ensure that it reads well.

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