Top Tips on How to Increase Self Esteem

Top Tips on How to Increase Self Esteem

Sometimes standards, judgings and behavior patterns suppress people and make them feel unconfident. These unrealistic
expectations almost destroy every happy moment. As a rue, people with low esteem feel unhappy because they try to fit a lot of standards which is impossible. Overconfident people on the contrary want to be respected, loved or even worshiped by others. It may be very hard to resist criticism and learn how to be confident when dealing with arrogant people but here we have prepared a few tips on how to increase self esteem so that it will not be a problem anymore. So, let’s get started.

1. Causes of Low Self Esteem

Causes of Low Self Esteem

Self esteem issues may arise when one person insults another saying or doing something bad. Though an opposite situation when person has done something worth punishment may also result in lowering self esteem. For example, your friend said that you are fat, stupid, etc., mentioned about situations in your life that went wrong, something that you couldn’t do. Also, you may feel unconfident because of neglecting your friends, being a bad parent or child, etc. Everything mentioned can make you feel bad but it goes away with awareness of ability to handle all that messy situation. In case, you are insulted try to forgive and move on. If you feel guilty about your bad behavior, try to become better and restore broken relationship asking forgiveness, help, advice, etc. Public speaking or just showing your latest achievements in particular field to the group of people are regarded as the most effective confidence building activities.

If you want to know more tips on how to increase self esteem, please read other tips.

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