Top 5 Ukrainian holidays and celebrations

Top 5 Ukrainian holidays and celebrations

In Ukraine people have a lot of holidays to celebrate. Some of them are celebrated even twice since there are two ways of dating events, namely, according to the Gregorian and Julian calendars. The word “holiday” comes from the words “holy day”. That is because all the holidays were first religious festivals. In Ukraine religious holidays are considered as more important and receive more attention than political, international or modern holidays. Here is a list of the most favourable Ukrainian holidays.

1. Christmas


Celebrating Ukranian Christmas doesn’t imply Santa Claus, reindeers and stockings though it comprises kutya on the Holy Supper table, singing kolyadky and schedrivky, wishing health and prosperity and much more.
Christmas in Ukraine is celebrated on the 7th of January, 13 days later than in most countries of Western Europe, because Ukrainians in the main belong to the Eastern Orthodox Church and follow the Julian calendar. During Saint Christmas week and later people use greeting ‘Christ is born’ responding ‘Glorify Him’ instead of everyday ‘goodbye’ and ‘hello’. On Christmas Ukrainians as other peoples glorify birthday of Jesus Christ, so Ukrainian Christmas being a religious holiday is closely connected with Ukrainian culture and traditions.

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