Top 5 Ukrainian Traditions You Will Love

Top 5 Ukrainian Traditions You Will Love

One of the best ways to get to know a people is to learn about its customs and traditions. Ukrainians have many interesting traditions which are based on the rich experience of many generations. Ukrainians culture includes nor only national food and clothing but also ways people celebrate religious, national, and family holidays, their language, life values, etc.

1. Welcoming Guests

Welcoming Guests

Ukrainians are known to be very hospitable people. In Ukraine there is an old tradition of welcoming their guests with a bread and a salt placed on an embroidered towel. Bread is called “korovaj”. It is very sweet, similar to loaf. To accept this gest of hospitality guests have to taste a piece of bread dipped in the salt. The number of people who are greeting the guests is also traditional which is three. They are usually dressed in traditional Ukrainian costumes. The path that guests are going can be covered with a red carpet which is considered very honourable. After welcoming, guests are being invited to have a dinner at heavily-laden tables. When visiting someone’s house in Ukraine you will have at least to try all dishes offered. Ukrainian cousine comprises a lot of delicious food.

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