Top 5 Weirdest Things That Money Can Buy

Top 5 Weirdest Things That Money Can Buy

The age-old cliché that money can’t buy happiness, is both true, and false in essence. The ideology of money may not be able to buy happiness in itself, however, it sure helps. What a lot of people don’t realize is when you achieve a level of crazy amounts of money, there are crazy amounts of weird things that you can buy. Today we will list some of the weirdest things we have discovered money can buy!

1. Clippings Of The Famous Justin Beiber’s Hair

Ever dreamt of being with Justin Beiber? Well, you can get as close to the next thing. Certainly, for those who practice voodoo arts, this is an investment, or perhaps, just a really strange case of obsession.

Regardless, if you have the money, it is indeed possible for individuals to acquire a small piece of the famed singer’s hair. Originally the hair was sold at auction in 2011, and went for a total retail price of $40,668.

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