Top 3 World Prestigious Universities

Top 3 World Prestigious Universities

Every year rankings show lists of the most prestigious international study destinations. There are many features that determine a leading university, and the main is, of course, quality of education. During a long history of education first three positions in global rankings have been held by the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge (Great Britain) and Harvard University (USA). Top world universities compete changing their places in educational rankings very often. Provably there is not a single student in the world who would not be familiar with these titles. Among different world-known universities here you can find some interesting information only about 3 of them regarded in our opinion as the oldest and the most prestigious schools.

1. University of Oxford

University of Oxford

University of Oxford is the oldest university in the Great Britain and second in the world after Bologna University. It was founded in 11th century and now it has 44 colleges. Throughout history, many world’s greatest writers, thinkers, politicians and scientists graduated from Oxford University. Among the famous alumni there are Jonathan Swift, Oscar Wilde, Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair, Stephen Hawking, Indira Ghandi and Hugh Grant and other.
Every year Oxford offers 250 undergraduate degree combinations and 3200 places. To be accepted to the university applicants are required to submit written work and written test whereafter they must see their tutor and meet with him every week to discuss their work, essays and get tasks must be done next week.

One of the most popular courses at Oxford University is PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics). There are many more combinations though no traditional academic courses such as Biology or Math are offered.

More than 50 world-known politicians, 26 Nobel prize winners and more than 120 Olympic medallists graduated from Oxford.

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