5 Trip Tips on What Not to Do When You Travel

5 Trip Tips on What Not to Do When You Travel

Whenever travelers go abroad, they may make a lot of mistakes that result in missed opportunities, lost time, and wasted money. In order to avoid the most common mistakes read the trip tips below on what not to do when you travel.

1. Overspending Money

Overspending Money

If you are in foreign country, you will usually be considered a source of money, a potential profit. Food, accommodation, transportation, sightseeing are the things you will need to spend money on anyway but there ate things you may overspend on, and here they are:
• taking taxis
Taxis are one of the expensive types of city transportation, it is, as a rule, overpriced. Instead of taxis you can use any other public transportation such as underground, buss, tram, etc. The night time is perhaps the only time when there is no other possibility but getting taxi when you need to get somewhere.
• exchanging money at the airport
At the airports exchanging rate is the worst in comparison with the exchanging rate of most banks. The cheapest way to manage purchases is using credit card abroad without exchange unless you need cash. In this case, use banks downtown that have better rates and fewer fees.
• eating near tourist sites

The food is usually doesn’t require a lot of money to spend on but near major city attractions it can be double the price without speaking that local food is sold as if it was another attraction. So, if you just arrived, you may have no possibility to save money on food but later you can bring it with you unless you want to try local food or eat a bit farther from a tourist trap.

If you want to know more trip tips on what not to do when you travel, please read the other tips.

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