5 Useful Furniture Arrangement Tips

5 Useful Furniture Arrangement Tips

Furniture arrangement can be one of the most difficult tasks yet it remains one of the most important ones. While you are not a qualified interior designer, you still might want to know what are the basic principles of arranging furniture. Here are some must-know tips which can help you locate a table, chairs, a sofa or a bed, and all the accessories in the right places with a minimum of stress.

1. Focal point

Focal point

The first thing you will have to do before arranging furniture is identifying the room’s focal point. If you are planning space in a living room, it can be a window with a nice view, a fireplace, a table, a television set, etc. In a bedroom a focal point is the bed, in the kitchen the table. Put your furniture and accessories around focal points to draw attention in their direction. For example, surround a window with curtains, a dining table with chairs, a couch or a fireplace with paintings or a mirror, a TV set with bookshelves, a bed with the side tables and lamps, etc.

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